Soham becomes the new watchman of society.

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Asawari reveals to everyone that she has broken all ties with Soham and they are free to punish him for his wrongdoings. Soham is out on his own as Shubhra, Asawari and other society members refuse to take him in.

He then goes to watchman's cabin to sleep. Shubhra opens the door and Soham asks if she convinced Asawari to take her back. Shubhra reveals the truth behind Abhijeet going to London. Asawari slams Soham for all his wrongdoings and dirty tactics to distance her from Abhijeet. As Shubhra gets to know about the real reason behind Abhijeet going to London, she questions Abhijeet in front of Asawari about why is he going. Soham goes to Abhi's kitchen and threatens Abhijeet that he will divorce Shubhra if Abhijeet does not leave his mother and go to live in foreign country.

Soham threatens Abhijeet that he will divorce Shubbhra if Abhijeet does not leave his mother and go to live in a foreign country. Asawari informs Abhijeet that she is coming to live with him and gets ready to leave. Soham thinks of spoiling her plans. In this episode, Shubhra exposes Soham in front of Asawari and tells her that Abhijeet left their house because of him.Asawari becomes a widow within a couple of years of her marriage.

She has forgotten to take care of herself while doing all this and has devoted herself entirely to the service of her family. There, chef Abhijeet played by actor Girish Oak notices Asawari and falls in love with her. However, Asawari mistakes Abhijeet for some harasser and shoots him down. After the show went on-air in Julywithin a week, it broke into the top 5 TRP shows in Marathi serials.

The show is produced by Shweta Shindea renowned actress herself. This serial is now showing the height of utter nonsense. It may contain brain inside.

This is the most hopeless n boring serial so far. Asavaricha character karun Nivedita swatacha fan following ghalavty. Ata thambva he nonsense babdya prakaran. Zee Marathi la vinanti ahe purvi cha serials nastil anayla jamat tar ha murkha pana thambva Z Marathi. Most horrible serial ever seen. Started watching with a good hope looking at star cast but totally disappointed.

Limit of stupidity by the director. Changali story karata yet nasel tar karu naka serial. Mala watate exception is writer and director. The behaviour of Babdya is being too stretched and now becoming nontolerable by the viewers. These are my honest views and I can maybe give suggestions for the betterment. As the only upper hand is taken by Soham. Girish Oak, is a character not shown to teach life long lesson.

gillitv agga bai sasubai

Girish Oak is seen taking care of Aaaswari. So his bad deeds can be shown to him. Indeed a hopeless serial, the director is mentally sick. If he is indeed a man, he should show Soham getting 10 times hurt the same way… Maybe his face burns off while cooking and then nobody takes care of him while he is hurt! A fabulous serial.

With a great message about what women do for their family. And she has the right to get all the things that she wants. Your email address will not be published. Rajesh K Oct 12, at pm.

Nice way of digging own grave by Z Marathi. Soham kulkarni Sep 18, at pm. Ashish G Sep 18, at am. The characters Soham and Aswari are too far from reality.

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Plz, end this drama. Mayuri Agawane Sep 1, at pm. Deshpande Sham Shivajirao Aug 19, at am. Shubham Sep 15, at pm.

gillitv agga bai sasubai

True that Reply.Kedar Koli. While the sets are being sanitised, Tejashri begins reminiscing the memories of their beloved Aai.

Later, Tejashri goes down memory lane with Abhijeet aka Girish Oak. The latter is reminded of how Nivedita used to take care of them during the lockdown with her desi nuskhe.

On the other hand, Tejashri remembers how Nivedita made sure that everyone on their sets took necessary precautions to curb the spread of the disease. Later, Tejashri confesses that she misses being with Nivedita with whom she had developed an amazing bond on the show. She tells everyone that Nivedita was her first-ever friend on set who got close to her despite their age gap.

While Tejashri bonded with Nivedita thanks to their Saas-Bahu scenes, Girish is reminded of a funny scene with Nivedita which brought them close.

Girish shares an anecdote of the scene where Abhijeet had first come to meet Asawari at her home. The scene demanded him to drink the coffee and Girish did so without complaining.

Tejashri and Girish have a hearty laugh while cherishing the memories of their scenes with Nivedita. Tejashri then receives a call from Nivedita who tells them to take all the necessary precautions on the sets.

Agga Bai Sasubai

Why have Tejashri and Girish gone mum? What are they trying to hide? Kedar Koli September 28, TV 3 min zeemarathi.

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Watch this special episode here. Related News.Aggabai Sasubai is a family drama depicting the heart-warming relationship between a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. The story revolves around Shubhra and her mother-in law, Asawari who falls in love with Abhijit Raje, a popular chef. Breaking the social norms, how Shubhra plays a cupid to unite the two lovers is humorously portrayed in the show. Audio Languages : Marathi. Shubhra Kamat Tejashree Pradhan. View All. Marathi Drama. Agga Bai Sasubai Stories.

Agga Bai Sasubai - October 31, - Trailer. Agga Bai Sasubai - 26 October, Agga Bai Sasubai - 14 October, Agga Bai Sasubai - 11 October, Agga Bai Sasubai - Episode - Spoiler.

Aggabai Sasubai Cast, Wiki, Title Track, Story, Actress : अग्गंबाई सासूबाई

Agga Bai Sasubai - October 29, - Webisode. Will Abhijit go away from Asawari? Agga Bai Sasubai - October 27, - Webisode. Agga Bai Sasubai - October 26, - Webisode. Agga Bai Sasubai - October 24, - Webisode.

Abhijit consoles a weeping Asawari. Pragya instigates Soham against Abhijit-Asawari. Shubhra's dress shocks Asawari. Asawari wears a simple sari due to Soham.The VPN will make you appear to be in a different location.

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Aggabai Sasubai - 28 October 2020 - Upcoming Twist - Latest Episode Update

After legal action was instigated, that company eventually paid out in full. Miss McCann has hired the same lawyer Andrew Montague, who represented Curley, to fight her case. We are not prepared to comment further whilst litigation is ongoing. Ms Coates, 49, a mother-of-five launched the business with her brother John Coates. Ms Coates' father Peter is the chairman of Stoke City Football Club.Jennifer Robitaille, United States Iceland Full Circle, July 2017 We are very happy with the service Nordic Visitor (and Hanna specifically) provided.

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